Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Calories" by Emma Fearon in Spanish

Just translated Calories, by Emma Fearon, to Spanish. It's called Calorías. I have a big post about the game and the translation process here at the Spanish version of this blog. I thought about making the same post in English, but being a post about language I realised it was going to be a pain in the ass to translate it, so I'll keep it simple here.

The game's really good. Some people might feel cheated by a very dramatic ending, but if you have the luck to be in the right set of mind to play it then you'll have a striking, real fast experience. I meditated a lot on how to translate the story's constant imperative to Spanish, and I ended up translating it with the Spanish imperative. Who would've thought, right?

There was a hilarious, untranslatable pun about this image in the other post. Now you'll NEVER KNOW IT.

I'm doing a lot of this translations lately, to show amazing hytperfiction to the non-Anglophone people that, for some reason, is so common here in Latin America. So expect more posts like this one. And if having a Spanish version of this stories is absolutely irrelevant to you, then you'll just have to enjoy the recommendations. Which are really cool, trust me. You can trust me, I'm trustable, right? Right? Right.