Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Afternoon in the house of secrets" by Anna Anthropy in Spanish

Tarde en la casa de los secretos is the Spanish translation of Afternoon in the house of secrets, written in two hours by Anna Anthropy.

People often said about Úrquel, the black dragon and Eioioio, that I managed to do stuff with narrative-driven hyperfiction that traditional interactive fiction (the type-a-command kind) can't do. Truth is, this is a practice I've stolen from my inspirations.

Ale Grilli has never done a Twine story that would work adapted to parser-based IF, though his stuff ain't that story-centered like mine is. In this story I translated, Anna takes advantage of the story format by putting the xxxxxxx right where xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx in such a way that when xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx the things finally xxxxxx xxxx, which undeniably influenced Eioioio's first part (sorry 'bout that, but I'm not ruining the ending for you, am I?).