Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Town" by Anna Anthropy in Spanish

Of all these translations I'm showing, the first I did was Pueblo, Spanish version of Town, Anna Anthropy's text adaptation of "Town of ZZT". I met Twine thanks to Anna's Encyclopedia Fuckme and the Case of the Vanishing Entree. Then I played Town and was happily surprised by how fun and graphicadveturesque a text game could be.

My passion for literature and videogames always led me to be interested in parser-based IF, but they always bored me. They weren't fun to play as games nor were they interesting to read as short stories. Anna's hyperfiction reminded me the best time I had had with text in games was the Reality 2.0's final part (yes, a 3D game). So small array of choices taken by easily clicking'em was the way to go, it seemed.

She even had the kindness to add a "jugar en castellano" button on the original game that links to my translation. The other thing worth mentioning is I was really lucky that my first attempt at translating this kind of text was this one, since it didn't pose any problems or issues at all when moving it into Spanish.