Friday, August 31, 2012

Power Nap Vol. 1

Comics! You just gotta love'em, right? They're like pictureless comics, but with pictures! I don't think I've ever mentioned I have this habit of reading webcomics.

Just like it happens with videogames, I tend to dread the lack of Latin American (or generally Spanish-speaking) voices suffered by my favorite means of artistic expression.

Never happened to you? Never cried at night screaming "why oh why there's no good quality comic made in Latin America, with an awesome script and kick-ass illustrations"?

Well, you can stop suffering, 'cause since last year the great Mexican pair Maritza Campos + Bachan is publishing the equally great Power Nap!

And that's not all… now they're planning to make it on paper! Printed! In a book!

And in order to gather the founds necessary to complete such a task, they started an Indiegogo campaign. The thing's simple: everyone can support the campaign by giving the pair any amount of money you want. If by October the 9th Maritza y Bachan get to the $10.000 they're asking, book goes to print, and everyone who donated $30 or more gets their copy. If the date comes and they didn't get enough money, book don't print and everyone gets their money back. Do I really have to explain this to you? We're on the Kickstarter era, for crying out loud!
“In the future, no one sleeps anymore thanks to a wonderful pill. Unfortunately for Drew Spencer, stapler-wielding office drone, he's allergic to it. Struggling to keep up with a society that no longer dreams, Drew slowly starts to realize there are sinister things lurking under the surface of the new and shiny world.” — Power Nap's plot.
So you know my recommendation. Go take a look at Power Nap, or its (a little behind schedule) Spanish version, love it, spread the word, and go empty your pockets where it's due.