Friday, September 7, 2012

High above the Caribbean wind

Nancy was calmly having lunch. Since when had the world become such a complicated place? Then it seemed to her that the world's a big thing that lasts so long, and it's sort of unfair to blame it for anything. Men are the complicated ones.

Why did men had to be so difficult, so childish, so rotten? Then she thought it was better for her to calm down. Wasn't she alright, now, resting, miles and miles away from the nearest man? Yes, she was resting. And she was alone.

The bright Caribbean sky started getting black. At first Nancy didn't realise it. Men had it all, she thought, but they had mastered the art of screwing everything up. There was a time when she tolerated them, and they knew how to love her and they gave her a thousand things. Most times, things she didn't need, things they needed her to have.

Like that stupid name. "Nancy." It ain't that it was ugly, but she was very happy with the amount of names she had before they came tellin' her she was now "Nancy." Nancy knew the exact amount of names one should have. It was then that the machines began descending till they were visible, big as the winter clouds. Nancy didn't even blink. She usually didn't look up.

And if something terrible happened, like what Nancy felt could happen any day, was everyone supposed to feel bad for men? It's known that they had it coming. With their ridiculous ways and their will to make all they touched suffer. She had suffered much because of men. Sometimes, at nights, when she was really nervous, she used to get calm by thinking someday they were no longer going to exist.

The gigantic machines started to shine in the sky. They floated like they were wind, and like they were rain they thundered incessantly. Nancy could not understand what was happening, but she felt deep inside her something was about to go terribly well. Men, she thought, could've so easily done everything right… But no. They had to fuck it all up. And here was the result.

From the machines fell millions of bright, deafening bolts of lightning, that stroke the earth in the distance with a purifying violence. Nancy was happy, but she didn't smile. She usually didn't smile. The machines danced among each other, switched places, they were spreading their light across all corners of the earth that deserved them. All of them very far whence Nancy was.

When the lightning bolts stopped, the machines ascended again and got lost from sight. Were they going to come back someday, now that there were no men on the face of the earth? Were they going to wait, perhaps, until nature had wiped out their bodies too, leaving no trace behind? Nancy didn't care that much. Men had loved her, but they'd also made her suffer. And now she didn't have to worry anymore about anything.

She gazed at the horizon for a while till she got bored, and then she started to graze again.